Bike proposal looks at Floyd Avenue

June 12, 2013 · 0 minute read

Times-Dispatch reporter Mike Martz had a really interesting piece in yesterday’s T-D on a proposal to change Floyd Avenue into a “neighborhood greenway,” making bicycles the preferred mode of transportation in the 2.25 miles between VCU and Thompson Street.

Neighborhood greenway in Portland, Ore.

Neighborhood greenway in Portland, Ore.

“Motor vehicles wouldn’t disappear from the avenue under a concept suggested by the city and supported by the region’s transportation planning organization,” writes Martz. “But they would have to slow down and, after a block or two turn off to other city streets where cars and trucks remain the preferred way of travel.”

Bacon’s Rebellion has an interesting take on the project, which received $50,000 from the city and the Metropolitan Planning Organization to “begin designing the project,  produce a better estimate of what the total cost would be and talk to the neighborhoods that would be affected.”

Officially, the project would run between Laurel Street at Monroe Park to Thompson Street at an exit to the Downtown Expressway, crossing 27 intersections along the way. Roundabouts, speed bumps and other measures would be put in place to slow down traffic.