Checking out Riversde Outfitters on Brown’s Island

June 16, 2012 · 0 minute read

This is just the second weekend, it’s been open, so I decided to take a trip down to the new Riverside Outfitters outpost on Brown’s Island to see what the set up looked like and how things were going. When I first wrote about the new venture, RO owner Matt Perry said he thought it the user base would be mostly two groups: business people who work downtown and tourists staying at downtown hotels. Well, according to Dave Fary, who was manning the new shop yesterday, so far it’s been mostly tourists taking advantage of the kayaks, standup paddleboards and mountain bikes for rent.

Farey said one out-of-town mother/son duo last weekend rented standup paddleboards then came back and took a spin on the mountain bikes. Yesterday had been slow so far (this was around 2:30 p.m.), he said, but with if the weather stays as predicted this weekend, the new RO station is likely to be a popular place today and tomorrow.

Pics below…