It’s Almost Time to ‘Shiver in the River’

January 13, 2016 · 1 minute read

I ran into Mike Baum, Executive Director of Keep Virginia Beautiful a while back, and our conversation reminded me of the cool event his group sponsors every year that’s coming up. On Saturday, Jan. 30th KVB will hold its 2nd annual Shiver in the River at Historic Tredegar. This year the event has three components: a community clean-up; a brand new 5K run/walk; and the James River Jump.

Last year's event was very popular. Credit: Phil Riggan/

Last year’s event was very popular. Credit: Phil Riggan/

Shiver in the River starts with a clean-up along the James, surrounding areas and in respective neighborhoods, where participants will give 60 minutes of their time to pick up trash and beautify the community. The inaugural 5K follows the clean-up. Here all ages are welcome to run or walk while enjoying the beauty of the river area. Then those daring enough to brave the frigid James will splash into the chilly river. For those who enjoy staying warm, Shiver In The River attendees will celebrate in the “Winter Festival” at Tredegar with heated tents, food and beverage trucks, and entertainment.

“This is an exciting mission-centric event,” said Baum, “our goal is to raise awareness of the impact litter has on our environment and that it’s up to us to change our behavior and make a difference.”

Shiver in the River is a fundraising event supporting KVB’s programs that focus on litter prevention, recycling, beautification and environmental education. Incentives will be provided to participants based on their level of fundraising, with a minimum of $75 needed to receive the coveted Shiver in the River long-sleeve t-shirt. For added fun, participants will be encouraged to wear costumes or clothing that represents them and their group. For more information and to register, check out