City Council Unanimously Approves JRPS Master Plan

January 30, 2020 · 1 minute read
City Council Unanimously Approves JRPS Master Plan

The Richmond City Council recently voted unanimously to approve Phase 1 of the James River Park Master Plan. The Master Plan came together after months of meetings, public input and support! The Friends of the James River Park championed the plan and took the lead in raising funds to create it. The non-profit received this note from JRPS Superintendent Bryce Wilk:

“Dear Friends of James River Park System,

I want to thank you for all the help you provided this past year and beyond in helping to shape the James River Park System Master Plan! Last night was the end of “Phase 1” with the official adoption of the Master Plan by City Council in a unanimous decision. This means that the City of Richmond recognizes this as an official planning document and will be referenced in planning for future projects. When decisions are made about development and capital improvement budgets, the Master Plan will be referenced – making for a stronger case. I mention “Phase 1” as this is just the beginning of a 10-year plan. We must continue to advocate for the James River, the Park, and the people of Richmond and the surrounding area. There are many exciting potentials listed in the Master Plan, but continuing to make the Master Plan relevant will be our next challenge. From our strategic planning retreat, we will be looking to implement this plan on a consistent basis so that it does not collect dust on a shelf somewhere.

“The adoption was never really in doubt because we were diligent, reached out to every community in the City, and maintaining this wonderful resource for now and future generations is one of the rare universal truths.”