Monroe Park Renovation Almost Complete

August 9, 2018 · 0 minute read

There was good news in today’s Times-Dispatch for Richmond parks lovers. At long last, there is a light at the end of the Monroe Park-renovation tunnel. Mark Robinson reports that, 21 months after the park at Belvidere and Main streets was closed, “the city of Richmond is planning to remove the fence surrounding the park on Aug. 29, though some work will continue until a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for the end of September…”

Writes Robinson: “The city is working with a non-profit called the Monroe Park Conservancy on the $6.8 million improvements…The renovation has included below-ground improvements aimed at limiting water runoff from the park…Visitors will also find new benches, trash cans and pathways lit by new LED lanterns throughout the 8-acre park, which dates to 1851.”

Click here for more on what the visitors will find in the park when the fences come down.