Osborne Landing added to stable of Destinations

December 28, 2013 · 1 minute read

Here at RichmondOutside we’re always pushing to make our site and the service we offer a little better. Whether it’s content, new offerings or partnerships with like-minded RVA businesses and non-profits, we figure if we’re standing still, we sure as heck aren’t moving forward. And if we’re not moving forward, someone is sure to be gaining on us (If you don’t like those clichés, click here, generate your own and email it to us!).

The motorized boat landing at the Henrico Co. park.

The motorized boat landing at the Henrico Co. park.

To that end, in early 2014 we’ll be adding new featured columnists, including Sports Backers’ bike/ped advocate Max Hepp-Buchanan, as well announcing a couple of exciting new partnerships.

But we’re also still working on the nuts and bolts. Take a look, for instance, at our Destinations page. Ryan and I recently went out to Osborne Landing to take pictures, so we could add the Henrico County park on the tidal James to our list (That brings our compendium of parks to 40 and growing.). On the Osborne page, we’ve got a text description, a Terrain360.com park tour, our sweet map layered with all the park features, and all the other information you could want to know before making a trip there. Or at least we hope we have. That’s where we need you, the RichmondOutside.com readers. If you see something missing at Osborne, or any other Destination, shoot me an email (andy@richmondoutside.com). Or maybe there’s a park near you that we haven’t featured. Send us an email and tell us why we should. We’d like to have some laurels to rest on, but until we do — until we earn them — we plan to keep making this site better.