Reedy Creek ramp nearing completion

January 10, 2012 · 0 minute read

Walking the dogs, I happened upon Nathan Burrell, city trails manager, and his crew at the Reedy Creek boaters put-in in the James River Park today. They were waiting for the cement truck to show up so they could finish the handicapped access ramp that’s been in the works since November. Weather has played havoc with their schedule, but when it’s finished the ramp will be the first of its kind on the entire length of the James River. I wrote a column about the project in the Times-Dispatch when it first began.



Believe it or not, that’s the beast (the truck and the giant crane) that will pour the cement into the area laid out for the ramp. Must have been 30 feet high. I couldn’t stick around for the actual pouring, but the below picture is what the ramp looked like before the cement arrived. Burrell said once the cement is dry there will be a few other small issues to clean up on the site, but by next week it should be ready to go.







Then it’s on to Dogwood Dell for the big trail-building project starting this month.