Terrain360: Cool new site for outdoors enthusiasts

May 6, 2012 · 0 minute read

If you’re a local trail lover, you need — and I really do mean need — to check out Terrain360.com, the subject of my column in today’s T-D. The site was just launched on May 1st by three Richmonders — Ryan Abrahamsen, Ryan Emmons and Ross Milby. It’s unlike anything else out there for exploring trails (and soon waterways, too) on a computer. If you’ve used Google Street View, Terrain360.com will have a familiar feel — only the pictures are clearer.

The T360 team is an ambitious lot. Their goal is to have every major Virginia trail mapped by the end of the summer, so keep checking back for more updates. This first pic is a screenshot from the site. It and the others offer a sense of what the trail tours look like.


Entering Belle Isle from the south


Buttermilk Trail