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Ways Richmonders are ruining the James River Park

I took the time to lay down my feelings about how a minority of Richmonders are misbehaving down at the James River Park on More

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“Scoop the Poop” dog walks with CBF

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is sponsoring a series of dog walks this spring to draw attention to the pollution problems caused by pet waste in Upham Brook, an urban stream flowing through parts of Henrico County and Richmond and eventually draining into the Chesapeake Bay.Read More

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Q&A: James River’s overall health down to C

Andy Thompson’s Sunday column was a Q&A with the James River Association‘s Bill Street, discussing the health of the James River.Read More

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“State of the James” report gives river a grade of “C”

The James at the rocks at 42nd Street.

This just-released report shows stalled progress on the overall health of the James River as the James River Association’s “State of the James” gives river a grade of “C.”Read More

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