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Individual Climbing Outings

Age: 6+
Price: $40/person
Spring Youth Programs

Age: 6-16
Price: Varies
Professional Climbing Course

Age: 18+
Price: $225/person
Experience Level: Beginner. Moderate level of physical fitness required.
Aerial Rescue Training

Age: 18+
Price: $175/person
Experience Level: Advanced

Recreational Tree Climbing

Relatively new to the world of adventure sports, recreational tree climbing has its roots in arboriculture. The professional arborists at Riverside Outfitters have combined arborist techniques and gear with high-ropes course-inspired elements to create a one-of-a-kind adventure for you and your family.

Choose from high-ropes challenges like vertical climbs into the tree canopy, limb walks, plunging tree swings and much more! The level of challenge can easily be fit to climbers from age 6 to adult, and from no experience to a lot of experience. Helmets and harnesses are always worn while climbing and participants are belayed by an instructor. 

Instructors will teach climbers the techniques that professional arborists use for ascending into the tree, limb walking, and descending. Our staff of recreation professionals and expert climbers will provide all the encouragement, coaching and care climbers need to move beyond their initial comfort zone and realize the rewards of accomplishment.

Ideal for birthday parties, school groups, church groups, summer camps, corporate team outings, scouting troops, community events, families and private instruction. Events can easily be tailored to meet your specific needs and desires. Reservations required.

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