Tube Purchase & Delivery to Huguenot Flatwater


When the James River is running between 3.5′ and 5.5′ (on Westham Guage) this is a great route that will take you about 2-3 hours to float. Above 5.5′ this route will likely take less than 2 hrs. So, if you want to be out there longer, consider doing the Pony Pasture to Reedy Creek route. There is only one Class II whitewater section at the end…the rest is flatwater with varying current speeds at different water levels. About half way through the route is the William’s Island Dam (Z-Dam), a low bulkhead dam that you will need to portage around. There is a marked trail on Williams Island, that we will point out to you during the shuttle ride, where you exit the river and use a trail to easily walk around the dam. Trying to run the dam is a terrible idea and has led to people not making it off the river. It’s easy enough to get around, so do yourself a favor and don’t ruin your day…Portage and have a blast!  As the name suggests, for this service we are simply delivering a tube(s) to Huguenot Flatwater parking area for you. You’ll need to set your own shuttle. The tube(s) is yours to keep…pretty sweet deal!

The tubes are standard 16″-17″ truck innertubes…not giant deluxe tubes but thick-gauge rubber that can take scraping on the rocks. Want to purchase another tube for your cooler? You can wedge a small cooler that is about 20″-24″ in length into the donut hole of the tube. Bring your own rope to tether tubes if you want.

**Park policy is that alcohol is prohibited on the river. All drinks should be in cans or plastic containers…NO glass please!

** Likewise, leave all towels, change of clothes, etc. in your car and have a plan for car keys and phones….nothin’  worse than getting to the takeout with a phone and keys at the bottom of the river. Consider Uber or Lyft.  A tube deflation tool is included so that at the end of the trip you can easily get the tubes in your car

* If you don’t see dates/times available, please feel free to call the shop at 804-560-0068 during business hours



per tube

Quick Facts


Huguenot Flatwater to Pony Pasture


Approx. 2-3 hrs.

River Rating

Class I (one set of Class II) rapids

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