Henrico, Chesterfield Candidates Questioned on Bike/Ped Issues

October 28, 2015 · 1 minute read

The Sports Backers have come out with a handy map in an effort to educate Chesterfield and Henrico County residents on where their Board of Supervisors candidates stand on walking and biking issues. To generate the map, Bike Walk RVA distributed a questionnaire to all candidates running for Board of Supervisors in those two counties and asked them five questions about the future of walking and biking in their communities.

(Bike Walk RVA, a program of Sports Backers, stressed that it is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and does NOT support, or oppose, candidates or political parties. Bike Walk RVA’s candidate questionnaire is strictly educational in nature.)

The five questions had to do with generally improving walking and biking in the counties, issues of health and equity, the future of policies and plans that lead to walking and biking infrastructure on the ground, and funding of those projects.

Bike Walk RVA received responses from 12 out of the 17 candidates running in Chesterfield and Henrico Counties, and compiled the responses in their interactive online map. The map can be viewed directly at this URL: http://bitly.com/BikeWalkRVACandidateQuestionnaire

“In Chesterfield and Henrico Counties, many of our plans, policies, and funding decisions are shaped by the Board of Supervisors, including the future of paved trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, safe neighborhood streets, and other infrastructure that would make walking and biking safe and convenient,” said Max Hepp-Buchanan, Director of Bike Walk RVA. “Our goal here is not to endorse candidates, but rather educate voters on where those candidates stand on walking and biking issues prior to the November 3 election.”