Cabins and Solitude at Virginia State Parks

December 13, 2018 · 1 minute read

Cabin 6 at Bear Creek lake SP. Credit: Va. State Parks

If you don’t subscribe to the Virginia State Parks e-newsletter, you’re missing out. Example: Today’s blast included two winter-themed items by writer Shellie Anne that made me want to pack the car and hit the road immediately. The first was a piece entitled “5 Favorite Cozy Cabins,” and a couple of pictures were all I needed to start itching for a road trip . Featured were parks like Hungry Mother and Douthat in the western part of the state, but also Bear Creek Lake, which is less than an hour drive from downtown RVA.

The second piece highlighted “5 Peaceful Primitive Campgrounds” in the state parks system. It too included a park — Powhatan State Park along the James River — that is less than and hour away for the vast majority of Central Virginians.

Click the links above to read more about these beautiful destinations that deserve a little more wintertime love. But be forewarned, you might be getting out the credit card before you’ve finished reading!

Canoe-in camping at Powhatan State Park. Credit: Va. State Parks