Do your part to “Renew Richmond” with sustainRVA

September 25, 2012 · 0 minute read

Go time approaches for the first ever Renew Richmond, the trash cleanup/graffiti paint over/guerrilla gardening/good old fashioned city beautification event (with a twist) from sustainRVA. The twist? If you’re so inclined, take whatever trash you pick up and turn it into art. If it isn’t terrible, and especially if it’s awesome, it’ll be part of a pop-up, outdoor art exhibit in Carytown. Pretty cool idea, right?

Renew Richmond kicks off on October 1st and concludes on October 14th. The final two weeks of October are reserved for the art show. Now’s the time to get started creating a cleanup team. There are awards in different categories: most trash picked up, best art, etc. Check out the sustainRVA website for more, and start thinking about that little slice of Richmond that needs some TLC.TRASH!