East Coast Greenway holds conference in Richmond

November 22, 2012 · 0 minute read

Over at Richmond.com, Phil Riggan updates us on the semi-annual conference the East Coast Greenway Alliance held in Richmond last weekend.

A delegation of cycling advocates from all over the East Coast visited Richmond this past weekend all said they were very impressed with the area’s trails and outdoor opportunities and they planned to come back again. 

The Fall Trail Council meeting for the East Coast Greenway met in Richmond this weekend at the Virginia War Memorial and three Richmond area trails (Belle Isle, Cannon Creek Greenway and Ashland Trolley Line) were designated as sections of the trail of networks that runs from Maine to Miami.

I wrote a column about the ECG a couple of weeks ago in the T-D and here at RichmondOutside.com. The ECG’s website has some great resources for bikers and hikers who might want to explore the ECG in Richmond or anywhere along the Canada-to-Key West pathway.

Check out Phil’s piece here.