Elk in Richmond: Who knew?

December 7, 2012 · 1 minute read

Buchanan County in southwest Virginia isn’t the only place you can see elk up close in our fair Commonwealth. Believe it or not, Richmond is home to a herd of about 17 elk. They’re not at Maymont or the zoo. They’re at the Defense Supply Center, just south of the city, and, as NBC12 reports, they’re now open for public viewing.

Credit: forestwander.com

As Brent Solomon reports:

Until now, if you came to the Defense Supply Center of Richmond installation post to get a look at elk in action, you’d probably be asked to leave. But now that’s all history…Thursday, the post held an unveiling of a new public viewing stand. It’s one of just a few places in the Commonwealth with elk on display…Care of the elk is funded through public support. That’s why officials say this public viewing area is now officially yours. There are 17 elk in the herd, including five new calves. You can see them by visiting the Defense Supply Center located on Jefferson Davis Highway near Route 1. The viewing stand is just outside of the east gate on the installation.

Click here to see NBC12’s video of the elk.