Finales and new beginnings

September 25, 2013 · 1 minute read

Two Sundays ago I penned my final column as Outdoors columnist for the Times-Dispatch. Actually, I penned the column the prior week, re-read it, edited it, agonized over it. Then finally I sent it to my editors for publication. It was kind of surreal, knowing that the job I lived and loved for six years was coming to an end. But the good news is that (I hope) this website stands to benefit. I’ve brought a new partner — Ryan Abrahamsen of — on board for a full revamp and reimagining of the site. We hope to have that rolled out by the end of October at the latest.

Credit: Rich Young.

Credit: Rich Young.

But while the look will change, the basic concept will remain. We still want be the go-to resource, the one-stop shop, for everything outdoors related in Central Virginia. We’ll be adding maps and really upping our photo and video content. And once we get things up and running, we want you to participate. When you take the family down to Pocahontas State Park, check out our Pocahontas SP Destination page and tell us about the experience. If a storm has blown trees down all over the trails in Powhite Park, let us know. If you were out catfishing near Pony Pasture, go to our new and improved Fishing page and tell us about it. We want the new to be the beginning of a group conversation about the outdoors in the Richmond area.

In the meantime, we’ll still offer all the outdoors-related news and features we always have. Tomorrow, for instance, look for a new feature by Scott Turner of True Timber Tree Service. And next week I hope to report from the James River Association’s pontoon boat on efforts to document the return of sturgeon to the James River.

Very soon we’ll embark together on an adventure that Richmond is uniquely qualified to offer. Whether you’re a boater, hiker, biker, bird watcher, geocacher, rock climber, dog walker or someone who just generally likes to spend time outside, RVA is as good a place to do what you love — while still enjoying the fruits of a large metro area — as any I know. We intend to tell your stories here at Richmond Stay tuned.