Inaugurate a new trail this Sunday

March 16, 2012 · 1 minute read

Paul Keefer is a passionate and persistent man, which is why he might just pull off the idea he has in mind for the Richmond waterfront. If nothing else, he figures, he and some friends can go for a walk this Sunday for a good cause. And he wants as many Richmonders as possible to be among those friends.

In 2000, Keefer, now a Museum District resident, and his family returned from five years living in Switzerland. What he discovered over there was that “you see so many Europeans making regular visits to their lakes and rivers. But they don’t just make a quick visit.  They linger.  Meaningful time to rejuvenate and refresh in a natural setting was a big part of their daily lifestyle.  It exists here to some extent, but not nearly what it should be. Our James River here, is as good as most of the places our family saw there.  So rather than wait any longer, I’m starting the trail this month.  My idea will probably change a bit, but it’s best to start with something and adjust over time.  And if I trespass a little along the way, so be it. ”

Keefer and friends will be walking this currently-non-existent trail for the first time Sunday, March 18.  They’ll begin at the Boat Club near Rockett’s Landing at 10 a.m. and end at Great Shiplock Park

To contact Keefer, email him at