Infant Sturgeon a Rare, Exhilarating find on the James

October 23, 2018 · 1 minute read

James Riverkeeper Jamie Brunkow told us the news last week when we were taping his appearance on our podcast — Views from the Treehouse — but he said we had to keep it under wraps for a bit. Well, now it’s official: “Last week, James River Association education staff discovered five young Atlantic sturgeon during an education program on the James River.”

That’s according to an article posted to the conservation organization’s website.

Why is this a big deal?

A sturgeon, possibly 1-2 weeks old, caught by the James River Association last week. Credit: JRA

“Juvenile sturgeon have been very scarce in the James River, but new and encouraging discoveries are continuing to happen,” according to the same article. “Last fall VCU researchers documented the first two juvenile sturgeon discovered in the James River in more than a decade. Finding young sturgeon that are too small to have migrated from a different river is incredibly important proof of successful spawning… a sign of positive momentum for the species.”

Click here to read the entire piece, including the story of how the infant sturgeon were caught. And look for our podcast episode with Brunkow next week.