Interview with Jakob Helmboldt

November 23, 2011 · 1 minute read

The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Metro Business asked Jakob Helmboldt, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Trails coordinator for the city of Richmond, about what businesses can do to encourage cycling.

See the video for more:

“As the city moves forward with initiatives to make Richmond a more bikeable city, we’ll need the partnership of the business community to do so. Businesses play a vital role in facilitating and encouraging bicycling for transportation among their employees and customers.

“Many people state a desire to be able to use bicycling for commuting or routine short trips, but there are many barriers to changing habits and overcoming the inertia of our established routines.

“Secure and convenient bike parking is a frequently cited need, and a simple first step, and if made visible, sends a message to employees and customers that bicycling is welcomed and encouraged. Providing facilities such as a shower or changing room helps those arriving after a longer commute to a job that requires business attire.

“Encouraging participation in or hosting an in-depth bike safety and skills education session for employees ensures that they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to choose bicycling as a routine travel option.

“As the city undertakes our broad array of initiatives, we look forward to collaborating with the business community to achieve these goals.”