JRA, Tycoon Tackle Partner to Create Fishing Rods, Protect the James River

November 4, 2015 · 1 minute read

tycoon-tackleIf you’re looking for a new fishing rod and you fish the James River regularly, you’re in luck. The James River Association has partnered with Waynesboro-based Tycoon Tackle, Inc. to design, develop and produce a series of co-branded fishing rods, with a portion of the proceeds being dedicated to the protection and preservation of the James River.

“It is no secret that the angling community has long been represented by natural resource stewards. Fishermen seek waters that hold copious and healthy fish, while quality fisheries require clean water,” said Pat Calvert, Upper James Riverkeeper for the James River Association. “I consider ours a mutually beneficial partnership. Even better, Tycoon Tackle staff customized each of these four rods — 2 spinning rods and 2 fly rods — to specifically target the diversity of fish for which the James is known. Whether you’re seeking rockfish on a fly, smallmouth on a worm or shad on a dart, the experienced folks at Tycoon Tackle have created what you need to most effectively appreciate your favorite James River fishing holes.”

Four Tycoon Tackle rods specifically designed for Virginia waters, two spinning rods and two fly rods, are now available for purchase. Each will be a custom, built-to-order, co-branded rod appropriate for fishing sections of the James River.

Tycoon Tackle, Inc. is a Virginia-based angling outfitter that originated in Miami, Florida in 1935.  The company was on the scene in the formative years of big-game angling and at one time more than 95 percent of all world record fish were caught on the company’s fishing rods. Tim O’Brien, President and CEO of the company, said, “The company started as a one-man shop and in time grew to become a leader in the angling world, by not only making the best and most desirable fishing rods but by being a leader in promoting the catch and release of gamefish.”  The company is still family owned and committed to manufacturing its products in the United States of America.

The James River rod series will be available to purchase online at https://tycoonoutfitters.com/james-river-rods and at select outfitters throughout the state. For more information on this partnership, contact Ryan Corrigan, JRA’s Director of Marketing and Membership, at 804-788-8811, ext. 207 or rcorrigan@jrava.org.