Luck Stone brings Xterra worlds to the masses

October 22, 2012 · 1 minute read

In June, Luck Stone, the presenting sponsor of the Xterra off-road triathlon here in Richmond, rolled out a whole new way for fans to experience the races. I detailed the tech-savvy approach in my column for the T-D.

Richmond Xterra winner Conrad Stoltz.

Now the company is taking its tech skills to Xterra worlds in Hawaii this Sunday. According to a joint press release, the same spectator experience Richmonders were the first to enjoy in June will be available to fans in Hawaii and all over the world via a special website — If you’re a triathlete or Xterra fan, you need to check this out.

Luck Stone is working to enrich the XTERRA experience by creating an interactive social media map. Spectators are encouraged to utilize the hashtag #XTERRAMAUI to link up on Twitter, share their experience and generate excitement through picture-sharing, geo-tagging and reporting.

 A second feature is a GPS device worn by the elite athletes that tracks their location, distance, and speed. Like the camera footage, this information will also be available to view online at

 A third feature includes cameras operating at different vantage points throughout the course streaming live video feed onto the web, enabling viewers to watch the race and cheer on the athletes in real time. Live video feeds will be displayed on several large monitors at the World Championship at the Ritz Carlton in Maui.

 According to Luck Stone associates, Trevor Blanning and John Blackmore, who introduced the three-part technology package to XTERRA, the package has had a worldwide reach and has been viewed by thousands and thousands in more than 35 countries. Friends and fans are now able to experience XTERRA competitions worldwide, and in real-time, through the lens of athletes and spectators alike. To learn more about Luck Stone and XTERRA, visit and You can participate during the competition on Twitter using the hashtag #XTERRAMAUI and also follow us on Facebook: or