Maymont’s Otter Cam Now Up and Running

July 24, 2017 · 1 minute read

It’s no secret that we here at RichmondOutside are big fans of animal cams — especially the RVAOspreyCam (but also this one of grizzlies in Alaska) — so we were excited to see the news this morning on Maymont’s Facebook Page that their cam featuring the the two new river otters is operational. Click here to check it out.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Maymont, they’ve got a really cool event coming up on August 6 at 1 p.m. at the Nature Center (home of the otter cam).

Rare at Maymont it’s called, and the five-hour program offers the ability to “Learn about the rare, endangered and protected animals of Virginia…Science Matters, an educational initiative of the Community Idea Stations, along with Maymont educators and community partners, will provide hands-on activities for the whole family. Enjoy interactions with animals and their handlers and in-depth discussions with wildlife experts. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the important issues facing at-risk and protected species in Virginia. This event is in conjunction with the PBS Series RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark, which will air on WCVE PBS and WHTJ PBS July 18, 25 and August 1 at 9pm, and on WCVW PBS July 20, 27 and August 3 at 8pm.”