New Podcast Episode Features Local Nat Geo Photographer

February 12, 2018 · 0 minute read

We were really excited to get Richmond native Trevor Frost up in the treehouse recently for our newest podcast episode. Frost graduated from VCU at the age of 20, and last year had his multi-year photo project on gelada monkeys in the highlands of Ethiopia featured in National Geographic magazine.

At 32 he’s reached a kind of pinnacle in the world of photography, but as you’ll find out in the interview, Frost isn’t one to rest on his laurels. For one thing, rest doesn’t pay the bills. And Frost is far too passionate about documenting the natural world — and the challenges it faces all around the globe — to not be thinking about the next project(s). We asked him about the life of a globe-trotting photographer, the impact of social media on his business (he has over 165K Instagram followers), what Richmond gets right when it comes to the outdoors, and many other things. Check it out here!