Ospreys Maggie, Walker Return to Their RVA Nest!

March 3, 2020 · 1 minute read
Ospreys Maggie, Walker Return to Their RVA Nest!

Four years ago, we erected a camera on an abandoned bridge piling in downtown Richmond in the hopes that the pair of ospreys that had nested there for years would return from their wintering grounds to make babies in RVA.

And they did! It was amazing watching their daily efforts at nest building, incubating eggs in fair and foul weather, feeding their young fish caught below them in the James River and more. We even had an online naming contest for the adults (because they’re the ones that return to the same nest year after year), with the winning names — Maggie and Walker — receiving hundreds of votes.

Three bald eagle eggs at our Maryland camera near the Potomac River.

They’ve returned every year since, but we still feel a sense of anticipation and a bit of dread every year around this time. Will they show up? Are they both still healthy? Well, we’re happy to say, Maggie and Walker are back. They were first spotted this past Sunday on the nest near Brown’s Island and the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge. Another nesting season is upon us!

Check out the action, and the sister bald eagle cam on the Potomac River (where three eggs have already been laid), at www.wildstreaming.com.