Pedal Power switching gears

June 5, 2012 · 1 minute read

I’ve written about Ethan Seltzer and Pedal Power, his non-profit, in this space before. His goal, through cycling, is “to demonstrate simple steps we can all take to reduce energy consumption and have a positive impact on the environment.” At Dominion Riverrock, for instance, Pedal Power had a booth set up where festival goers would pedal a stationary bike that would produce power that was stored in batteries. That power was then used to charge the riders’ phones. Simple, right? But it allowed people to feel just how much effort it takes to do something as easy as charging a phone.

Well, now Seltzer is looking for a new name for his outfit. He’s holding a contest to get people to help him. Check out this link, make a suggestion and possibly win some shwag.

Seltzer said they’ll keep the “Pedal Power” name “for our annual event (20 two person teams competing to produce the most watts in 30 minutes).” But in the meantime, “we want the new name to convey our primary mission, which is to help educate the public on energy conservation. In addition we are seeing more confusion with the bike shop of the same name here in town.”