Plenty of Action at the RVA Osprey Cam

March 24, 2020 · 0 minute read
Plenty of Action at the RVA Osprey Cam

What a difference three weeks makes!

On March 3 we announced the return of Maggie and Walker, the ospreys we’ve watched at the RVA Osprey Cam for three seasons now, from their wintering grounds in some warmer clime. Here’s what the nest looked like a couple of days into their rebuild on the old bridge piling in the middle of the James River in downtown Richmond.

The osprey nest in early March.

This morning the nest is a very different place, as you can see below.

Ready for eggs…

Ospreys certainly adhere to the maxim that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. To them, a plastic bag (and a Kroger apron!) is just good nest-building material. Stay tuned-in as mating and egg-laying will be happening any day.