Red Bull to bring new biking event to Riverrock

April 16, 2014 · 1 minute read

Attention dirt jumpers, cyclocross racers, and mountain bikers — the challenge is set. On May 17, world-class fixed gear rider Addison Zawada will be among 30 professional cyclists from all disciplines to compete in Red Bull Berm Burners, a first-of-its kind, individual head-to-head pursuit, dirt-cycling competition taking place during Dominion Riverock.

berm-burners-track-renderingRed Bull Berm Burners’ stripped-down pump track presents a unique challenge to all disciplines of riders, ultimately testing their core abilities on a dirt cyclone of moto whoops housed between two fast, steep berms. Influenced by BMX racing, track cycling, and motocross, the completed 100’ by 25’ oval course will feature pump track-style rollers leading into two nearly vertical six-foot berms. The race is open to 20’ BMX and 26’ and 29’ mountain bike wheels with both rigid and suspension frames, along with all other bike disciplines.

“You gotta be smooth on a pump track to go fast. How smooth are you when your best friend is breathing down your neck? Red Bull Berm Burners condenses the pressure and need to keep your cool and maintain your flow,” said fixed gear cyclist Austin Horse, whose expertise was crucial in advising the design of the unique track.

Thirty professional riders will compete in the qualifying round, in a five-lap heat. Sixteen riders with the fastest heat times will then compete in the Red Bull Berm Burners Pro Finals, in a head-to-head format.

In addition to the professional race, the Red Bull Berm Burners open amateur race will take place on May 18. Cyclists from all age groups and classes are welcome to enter. Race format for the qualifiers and finals will follow the same format as the professional race.