Report: RVA Could Host New Cycling Event in 2017

August 25, 2016 · 1 minute read
Riders in last year's team trial world championships navigate Richmond's roads.

Riders in last year’s team trial world championships navigate Richmond’s roads.

Late summer sojourns to the mountains and the Rivah have meant a long gap between posts here at RichmondOutside. But the trips are over, the kids are headed back to school and it’s time to get back Richmond’s booming outdoor scene. It’s perfect timing, too, because here comes more (possible) proof about the boom. recently reported that a new UCI road cycling event could be headed to Richmond. Citing multiple unnamed sources, Michael Better, wrote that “two new UCI stage races for the United States are being planned for 2017, in Colorado and Virginia…The proposed East Coast event, based in Richmond, Virginia, does not appear on the draft calendar of the 2017 UCI America Tour. The proposed date for the Richmond (race) is believed to be early September.”

I first saw the report from in, and if you were here for the UCI World Cycling Championships a year ago, I don’t need to tell you how exciting this would be. Better went on to write that the proposed new UCI races would be stages races, but “shorter than usual — perhaps four or five days — and use one centrally located hotel as a base, utilizing surrounding towns for stage starts and finishes, rather than travel from town to town.”

Tim Miller, the chief operating officer at Richmond 2015, the organizing committee for the 2015 world road championships, is rumored to be overseeing the new Richmond stage race, Better reported, but Miller did not return a request for comment.

Stay tuned!