Richmond Cycling Corps Is On the Move

May 14, 2016 · 2 minute read

Our friends at Richmond Cycling Corps always seem to be up to something big. Case in point: the above video (shot by Jack Anderson) showcasing the new headquarters they’ll be moving into. (Click here to donate to the cause.)

From their website:

We have made a commitment to empower young people living in poverty by fully placing ourselves and our resources at their service. We are now ready to enter the fabric of the community we serve so that we can be of maximum availability and usefulness.

Richmond Cycling Corps has purchased an historic building, at 2123 Fairmount Avenue, just seven blocks from Fairfield Court public housing in Richmond VA’s poverty dense East end. We are turning this building into a resource unlike anything our youth have yet had access to. It will serve as the base of operations for the nation’s premier youth cycling program, but more importantly, as a home away from home with access to mentors and virtually unlimited resources for their empowerment. The opportunities provided by this project will establish a beacon toward the future, a vision for a life beyond poverty. One youth at a time, we will lead them toward the mainstream, and toward the unlimited future that is theirs to work for once they get there. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.39.43 PMThe only way out of public housing is to literally get out of public housing. The youth Richmond Cycling Corps is committed to serving are all growing up in this condition. By and large, they are the third or fourth generation in their family to do so. If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

The most important fact of this project is that we will be accessible to our youth. However, transportation and equipment storage logistics are noteworthy as well. We stand to gain significant savings in time and costs by more wisely locating our resources.

We feel, to our core, that the work we do with young people represents a commitment toward the future. The public housing environment is perhaps the most significant factor pertaining to the growth potential and future stability for the youth we work with. We know that the most vital step we can take toward our goal of breaking the cycle of poverty is to invest in the communities which foster it. 


  • Private meeting rooms for one-on-one sessions between youth and RCC staff.
  • A dedicated safe place. Comfortable surroundings. A distance removed from their neighborhood to give our youth breathing room and space to let their guard down.
  • Quiet areas for study and after school programs. Computer and WiFi access for youth.
  • Co-location: All equipment and vehicles located on site of programming.
  • Craig Dodson (RCC Executive Director) will live on site, in upstairs apartment, to provide unwavering presence, support, and mentoring. 
  • 24/7 support to youth who need dependable adult figures.