Richmond, meet ‘Maggie’ and ‘Walker’!

May 23, 2017 · 0 minute read

Support the RVA Osprey Cam by buying one of these sweet t-shirts!

If you missed the news, on Sunday at Dominion Riverrock our RVA Osprey Cam partners the Friends of the James River Park announced the names for the adult ospreys. After almost two weeks of online and in-person voting at Riverrock, we counted up the over 1,200 votes. The winning name pair?

Maggie and Walker!

Considering ospreys usually mate for life and return to the same nest every year, we’re hoping to get to know Maggie and Walker for years to come.

The cam wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors — the Friends of the JRP, Ellwood Thompson’s, the James River Association and Property Results — and next year we hope to add features like audio and infrared (for viewing at night). So, we’ve launched a Bonfire campaign with some sweet RVA Osprey Cam t-shirts. If you’ve enjoyed the cam — and there is still plenty of action left, as the chicks get ready to fledge — please consider supporting the cam and the Friends of the JRP by buying a t-shirt. Thanks!