Richmond MORE needs volunteers on the Buttermilk

November 17, 2011 · 1 minute read

From the Richmond MORE trail building group, they are looking for more volunteers this weekend on the Buttermilk Trail in the James River Park.

Last weekend we made great progress on a reroute on Buttermilk. While most of the city trail care crew was working on the new Reedy Creek access ramp, Will, several mountain bikers, a trail runner and an adventure racer were out working on a section on the Buttermilk Trial.

This straight flat section of trail is being rerouted because it’s a low-laying section where most of the water from the hill side above drains down and onto the trail. This is especially evident during the spring snow melt. The trail is being moved a couple of feet up the hillside and several grade reversal are being added. This will allow the water to drain off of the trail and into the marshy area below.

This weekend (and possibly the next weekend trail work day) we will be finishing up this small reroute. We already have a large portion of the bench cutting complete. Remaining items to be done are:

1) Construct a crib wall at the eastern entrance

2) Clear the sight line at the eastern entrance

3) Finish the back slope on the new bench cuts

4) Finish cutting in the western section of the trail (not much bench cutting, but there’s a lot of ivy to be removed from the trial bed)

5) Reclaim the old trail

If enough people come out, we should be able to finish this work on Saturday. If not, it will continue the first weekend in December.

To access the work site, park at Reedy Creek and head east (towards Belle Island) on the Buttermilk Trail. The work site is located after the steep clay hill withe the wooden steps next to it and before the double rock gardens. Bring water, a snack, sturdy shoes and gloves. Hope to see you out there at 9am on Saturday, November 19th!