Richmond to Host National Active Living Summit in May

November 17, 2016 · 1 minute read

playThe Sports Backers recently announced the first-annual Movement Makers: National Active Living Summit to be held in Richmond from May 17-19, 2017. Movement Makers provides individuals and organizations an opportunity to learn how to encourage and support physical activity initiatives in their communities.

“Organizations across the country are developing movements to promote physical activity to make their communities healthier, and our national active living conference ‘Movement Makers’ is named for the people behind these efforts,” said Jeff McIntyre, Director of Active RVA for Sports Backers. “Movement Makers will present an outstanding opportunity to learn from national leaders in active living and health equity. We are excited to host this national summit with a great list of guest speakers and active learning opportunities.”

mm-title-600x222Movement Makers will address all sectors involved in promoting physical activity to positively impact the health of local communities. From schools to workplaces to streets to parks to neighborhoods to businesses, participants will engage in strategies for creating options for physical activity. Individual health, community health, and economic health will come together at Movement Makers to create healthier, more active communities across the nation.

The Movement Makers summit brings together experts and leaders from a variety of fields, including bike/pedestrian infrastructure, health equity, workplace wellness, public health, and obesity prevention. With nationally recognized keynote speakers, special breakout sessions, activity tours, and how-to demonstrations, Movement Makers supports active living practitioners as they learn how to make their communities more active and thus healthier.

Movement Makers takes place in the lead up to Dominion Riverrock, the nation’s largest outdoor sports and lifestyle festival. Dominion Riverrock provides a diverse backdrop of fun, outdoor-themed fitness opportunities that make physical activity exciting and accessible.