Riverrock to add day, new events

December 13, 2011 · 1 minute read

The Sports Backers announced today that they’ll be enlarging their footprint, adding a day and three events to Dominion Riverrock — the popular festival and celebration of river-centric recreation.

The 4th annual Riverrock will run from May 18-20 (previously it was two days). It will expand onto the grounds of the American Civil War Center across the canal from Brown’s island, and it will include three new events…

Kayak Freestyle – Freestyle Kayaking, playboating, rodeo… whatever you want to call it! You will not want to miss it at Dominion Riverrock! Competitors take one minute to show-off their biggest and best tricks in the VEPCO levy rapids as they astound judges and spectators alike for the highest combined score and chance for the championship.  The bread and butter, macho man, and donkey flip are just a few of the moves you can expect to see as you catch the action from the bridge to nowhere.  

Dirt Crit – The inaugural Dominion Riverrock Dirt Crit is a fast paced, technical, power zapping, lung busting, hard cornering, short course good time!  Be prepared to go head to head with your competition in this spectator friendly event.  As the crowd watches the race unfold, participants will engage in a tactical short track style mountain bike race that will keep the fans cheering.

Gibbon Slacklines – Slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing usually low to the ground. Originating in the climbing world, it has become popular for balance training. Gibbon plans to bring a talented slacklining competition to Richmond’s Dominion Riverrock for spectators to see, but also bring equipment for an extensive demo area for those interested to try out the fast-growing sport.

Registration is now open for all events.