RVAMORE Looks for Support to Shore up Huguenot Flatwater Trails

December 29, 2017 · 0 minute read

rvaMORE, Central Virginia’s mountain biking and trail building club, plans to raise the trail tread on about a half a mile of the Huguenot Flatwater Trail upstream of Pony Pasture in the James River Park, in the hopes of making it usable year round.  This trail is very heavily-used by both cyclists and hikers, although for increasing amounts of time the trail is a muddy mess (see picture).

The Flatwater Trail in Huguenot Flatwater Park, part of the James River Park System. Credit: rvaMORE

The plan is to raise the entire trail tread and to improve the drainage, so that the trail remains accessible for a much longer part of the year. It is a multi-step process anticipated to cost $10,000 in materials.

To make all this happen, rvaMORE is asking for donations to the IMBA Dig In campaign before December 31st.  The group has committed $2,000 to this project and we plan on starting in the spring.