‘Shiver in the River’ 5K Rates Go Up on Feb. 1

January 27, 2018 · 1 minute read

From our friends at Keep Virginia Beautiful:

How are those Resolutions you made for 2018 going?  Shiver in the River provides an opportunity for citizens to get excited about fulfilling some of their resolutions – volunteer and community service (Shiver’s Community Cleanup), exercise and get in shape (Shiver 5K Walk/Run) and do something new and daring (the James River Jump) … all while making a difference for Keep Virginia Beautiful!  
Have you signed up yet for Shiver in the River on Saturday, February 24th?  
Register as an individual or put together your team to participate in the Community Cleanup, walk or run in the 5K, and/or take the James River Jump.  Remember the cleanup is free, the 5K is $30 (through the end of January) and you need to raise a minimum $75 for the privilege to jump.  It’s easy to set up a fundraising page for the Jump or even showcase your love for Virginia by raising money for your efforts in the cleanup and 5K … all while earning great incentive items like the coveted long sleeve t-shirt, plus more.  Gather your family, friends and coworkers.  We look forward to seeing you on 2/24 for RVA’s Coolest Winter Festival.  Did we mention we have live music, beverages, food, heated tents and fun activities?  Go to  www.ShiverintheRiver.com.