‘Small Richmond’ Hopes to Fill Niche Left by RVANews’ Demise

June 28, 2016 · 1 minute read

logo_smallrichmond_blankOn June 6, Ross Catrow announced that RVANews.com was closing up shop after almost a decade of covering the Richmond region. One of the ways it did that was by offering space to neighborhood blogs like Church Hill People’s News and Hills and Heights, aggregating those hyper-local sources so there was one place for people to come find out what was going on in a specific corner of the city.

Well, RVANews is no longer around to serve that purpose, but someone has stepped into the breach. We’re proud to be a contributor to Small Richmond, organized and just launched by local blogger John Murden, as a collection of independent news sites from Richmond. Small Richmond‘s mission is to connect readers and publishers. It’s as simple as that. RichmondOutside.com is one of 15 participating sites covering core Richmond geography and areas of interest, with a few more who may come aboard soon.

You can find Small Richmond on Twitter at https://twitter.com/smallrichmond and on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/smallrichmond/ You can also find a “Recent Posts” feed on the right side of our home page. The feed is constantly updated with news from participating sites around the city.

So, if you’ve been missing what RVANews offered for almost 10 years or you’re tired of searching around for local news one outlet at a time, put the above links among your favorites.