Strange Happenings at the RVAOspreyCam

May 1, 2018 · 0 minute read

There have been some interesting developments at the RVAOspreyCam this morning. Around mid-morning we decided to use our camera’s sweet zoom function to get a closeup of the two chicks being fed by Maggie, their mother. All of a sudden Walker, the father, came into the picture with a large mat of grasses and placed it on top of the two chicks and the third egg that has yet to hatch. There has been much speculation in our chat room about why an osprey adult would do that, but no consensus opinion has emerged. Currently one of the chicks has been able to wriggle free enough to receive a feeding, but the other has not.

Very strange stuff…

Part of one of the chicks can be seen below the mat of grasses in this picture. The other, and an egg, are underneath.