Sweet new t-shirts at Riverside Outfitters

October 24, 2012 · 1 minute read

A few weeks back, Matt Perry, co-owner at Riverside Outfitters, told me about a cool new idea he had for t-shirts he wanted to sell at his shop. The concept was simple: short, punchy phrases; either you know what they mean because you’ve been there and done it, or you aren’t sure what they’re all about and you want to know.

On the front we had three options: “paddle Pipepline,” “ride Buttermilk,” and “ride Forest Hill.” On the back, we started off with “Richmond, Va.,” but eventually changed it to the now ubiquitous “RVA” logo. I told Perry I “had a guy” in the t-shirt business, college friend John Ezbiansky, who runs a sporting goods store called Battaglia’s in Scranton, Pa. He had the shirts printed up and shipped out, and last week Riverside put them up for sale for $10. We bought 12 of each slogan; as of now, there are only 10 total shirts left — 5 Forest Hill, 3 Buttermilk and 2 Pipeline.

Let us know what you think. Got any new slogan suggestions? Shoot me an email at dvlex@hotmail.com or catch Matt at riversideoutfitters@yahoo.com. (A couple others we’re mulling over: “snorkel the James,” and “run Buttermilk” and “run North Bank.”) The shirts are only for sale at RO and they’re only 10 measly dollars. Get some!