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Riverfront forum rescheduled

As we reported on Twitter last week, the public forum on the Riverfront Plan that was snowed out last month has been rescheduled to February 18 at 7 p.m. at the Virginia War Memorial.

From the city flyer:

The current Vepco Levy Bridge, will be reborn as the Brown's Island Dam Walk. Credit: Phil Riggan

The current Vepco Levy Bridge, will be reborn as the Brown’s Island Dam Walk. Credit: Phil Riggan

As a first step in the implementation of the Richmond Riverfront Plan, the Brown’s Island Dam Walk will transform an industrial era structure into a key connection between both banks of the James River at the center of Richmond’s Riverfront. The BIDW will expand the Riverfront circulation networks — a series of connections providing access along, across, and around the river — to serve a diverse group of users — including persons with disabilities, cyclists, pedestrians, and runners — in their pursuit of alternative transportation, fitness, and the spectacular natural beauty of the Riverfront. The project models ecologically-sensitive and sustainable trail development by minimizing runoff, removing invasive species, and extensively re-planting slopes with native species to result in a diverse array of new or enhanced habitats for the rich flora and fauna of the Riverfront.

The department of Planning & development Review is hosting this forum which will include a concise overview of the Riverfront Plan, presentation of the schematic BIDW design, and questions and comments from the public. 


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