IMBA trail-care seminars coming to RVA


Later this month the International Mountain Biking  Association Trail Care Crew will be making a visit to the Richmond area. In addition to a hands-on, trail-building class on Saturday, March 29th at Pocahontas State Park, they are hosting two seminars for land managers and community leaders. “Better Living Through Trails” and “Land Manager Training” will take place on Friday, March 28th at the Virginia War Memorial. These events are free anyone that might be interested. Please register in advance at

The International Mountain Bicycling Association Presents: Better Living Through Trails

This presentation explores the positive relationships between communities and their trail systems. Trails as community assets can improve quality of life and livability in a community for both the biking and non-biking members, and can attract significant tourism dollars in addition in increasing overall quality of life. With statistics and case studies, participants will learn how to turn a quality community trail system into a destination trail system, and how to effectively market a trail system.

March 28th 10 a.m. Virginia War Memorial 621 S Belvidere St., Richmond, VA 23220

Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew Land Manager Training

This presentation will educate land managers about IMBA and the practice of designing, building and maintaining sustainable purpose-built mountain bike trails as well as the importance of partnerships with local mountain biking organizations to achieve great trails. Topics of discussion will include:

Trail Building Theory Erosion basics
Sustainable design, construction Volunteer management
Understanding trail flow Natural resource management
Stacked loop trail systems Effective signage
User management techniques Reroutes and reclamation

March 28th 2 p.m. Virginia War Memorial 621 S Belvidere St., Richmond, VA 23220

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