Take a Walk in the Woods and Support RVA’s Urban Youth

September 3, 2015 · 1 minute read
Participants in last year's Hike for Kids. Credit: Blue Sky Fund

Participants in last year’s Hike for Kids. Credit: Blue Sky Fund

In the dark predawn of October 17th, a small crew of hikers will be preparing. They’ll don their headlamps, eat breakfast, and stretch before hitting the trail — the start of a strenuous, 26.8 mile marathon hike through the wooded hollows and rugged cliffs of Shenandoah National Park. This crew won’t be hiking just for fitness or recreation, though they will get those things thrown in; this crew will hike for a purpose.

These hikers are a part of Blue Sky Fund’s Hike for Kids, an annual fundraising event that focuses on getting supporters out and active. Supporters sign up to hike one of three distances—26.8 mile Marathon, 15 mile Half-marathon, or 6.5 mile Finale—and commit to raising funds for the organization independently. The funds raised by the event support Blue Sky’s programs, such as weekly outdoor clubs and summer leadership programs, which seek to provide transformative experiences for urban youth. Blue Sky youth will join for the final 6.5 miles of the hike, providing a space for donors to get to know some of the students that their fundraising and donations support!

Following this year’s hike, everyone will gather for a grand celebration with food, drink, and festivities at Devil’s Backbone Basecamp Brewpub and Meadows. You can find more information and register today at Blue Sky Fund’s website.