The James River is Putting on a Show!

April 14, 2020 · 0 minute read
The James River is Putting on a Show!

Here’s something to do with the kids today: Head down to the James River and check out a pretty impressive flood. That graph I’ve included is NOAA’s Westham Gauge, a reading of the James’ height just upstream of the Huguenot Bridge. Those storms that blew through Sunday night and Monday morning, took ‘James Brown’ from a reading below 5.5′ last night to just over 13′ this morning. That’s not an unprecedented climb, by any means, but it is extremely fast.

Some of my favorite places to go see the power of the James at flood stage: Pipeline Walkway, Pony Pasture, the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, the southside access bridge to Belle Isle (accessed via the stairs at 21st Street and Riverside Drive then walking east along the trail next to the train tracks to the bridge).

And, by the way, this link on Riverside Outfitters‘ site is a great place to find local river and trail conditions in the future.

The James River just upstream of Mayo Bridge during a 2017 flood. Credit: James River Association