The story of the James River posters

August 5, 2015 · 1 minute read
Vintage National Park Service poster of Zion NP.

Vintage National Park Service poster of Zion NP.

Back in the spring, I approached Ryan Corrigan of the James River Association with an idea that had been bouncing around in my head for a while.

“You know those vintage National Park Service posters, the ones from the 1930s?” I asked. “How cool would it be to make posters like that of iconic James River locations in Richmond?”

Corrigan is a people person. He’s the Marketing Director for the JRA; it’s his job to know people. He loved the idea, and he immediately thought of the perfect artist to turn the idea into reality.

“Let’s call Chris Camera at Firefly Design,” he said.

Four months later, here we are with the first four in what we hope will be a growing art series featuring Richmond’s natural wonders – the places that make outdoor enthusiasts love RVA. We started with these four because…well, because we thought they turned out great, and because Belle Isle, Pony Pasture, Pipeline Rapids and the Atlantic Coastline Railway Bridge are about as iconic as it gets. We think Chris nailed it. We hope you agree!

You can buy the limited edition fine art-quality prints signed by the artist and posters (also very frame worthy). Pint glasses and t-shirts will be ready for order soon. Take a look around, and see which you like best. The cool part: a hefty portion of the proceeds goes to support the JRA and their work protecting America’s Founding River.

Click here for the online store.

Chris Camera's Belle Isle poster.

Chris Camera’s Belle Isle poster.

(Oh, and if you’ve got a suggestion for which natural place should be immortalized next? Shoot me an email at