Tuckahoe Creek Park to be Completed by April

October 30, 2015 · 1 minute read

Years ago, I wrote a column in the Times-Dispatch about Tuckahoe Creek on the Henrico/Goochland line, describing it as a hidden gem more accessible for wildlife than humans. Well, it looks like that could change, although luckily not too much.

The T-D’s Laura Kebede wrote in Wednesday’s paper that 26 years after it was approved in a bond referendum, Tuckahoe Creek Park soon will become a reality. Construction of the park, about 20 acres along the creek at the end of Ridgefield Parkway in western Henrico, is slated to start in December and be completed in April, Kebede wrote. Several attempts to develop a larger swath of land suitable for parking, access to the creek and other amenities failed, said Neil Luther, director of the Division of Recreation and Parks.

I remember seeing mallards, wood ducks and other waterfowl when I visited for my column back in 2009. And the landowner talked about the beaver dams in the area and bass fishing from the bank. The creek in that area is wide, shallow and marshy, creating incredible wildlife habitat. Only after rains is it navigable for canoes and kayaks, but when it’s up, it’s a gorgeous float, I was told.

From the T-D: The Henrico Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a $397,793 contract for construction of a 525-foot boardwalk along the creek and wetlands. The park will be accessible only by walking and will not include a parking lot or boat ramp, Luther said. The department’s plan calls for a park “very passive in nature” for walking and fishing after residents in four community meetings expressed a desire for a neighborhood park. The boardwalk trail will be accessible for people with disabilities and include sitting areas.

Keep an eye out next spring for Tuckahoe Creek Park’s opening. It’ a hidden gem worth uncovering.