What do you make of SportsQuest?

December 11, 2011 · 0 minute read

What do you make of SportsQuest? I’ve played on the excellent soccer fields a couple of times and watched the developments for a couple of years now and it seems equal parts potentially awesome and boondoggle.

See this article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

SportsQuest is a cash cow for Chesterfield County, a money-making stroke of genius that is generating millions of dollars in new revenue before the 250-acre amateur athletic complex is anywhere near finished. Things are going so well, it already has spawned a residential academy for basketball players.

Or, SportsQuest is a boondoggle in the making, a dizzying, delusional vision of Olympic glory that’s out of touch with what’s possible in central Virginia, a business that has had trouble paying its bills and that has become the target of harsh criticism from former employees and from people who thought they were buying into a world-class fitness center.

Whichever version you prefer — and there are vocal fans and detractors on both sides and nearly everywhere in between — the one thing certain about SportsQuest is that the conversation quickly turns to the group’s founder, chief executive and directional force, Steve Burton.