Will Richmond ascend to ‘Best Town Ever’ throne?

July 12, 2012 · 0 minute read

The voting  has closed. Now we wait. In October, we’ll find out if Richmond was selected as Outside Magazine‘s ‘Best Town Ever.’ If voting alone told the tale, RVA would win in a landslide. Here’s how the final Facebook vote tally broke down.

  1. Richmond – 9,315 votes
  2. Hood River, Oregon – 2,826 votes
  3. Nevada City, California – 2,539 votes
  4. Durango, Colorado – 1,782 votes
  5. Asheville, North Carolina – 1,130 votes
  6. Missoula, Montana – 1,016 votes
  7. Boise, Idaho – 593 votes
  8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 365 votes
  9. Nashville, Tennessee – 270 votes
  10. Ithaca, New York – 199 votes


Richmond actually wound up with more votes than the next five cities combined. But the voting isn’t the only criterion the judges from Outside will be considering. The other is the creativity of user-submitted content. Things like the comments the Facebook voters included with their vote and the photos they uploaded are all part of the competition. Said Jackie Holt, of the Sports Backers, “The creativity of each town’s user-submitted material will be ranked by a team of Outside editors and those comments may be used in the coverage of each city in the magazine.”