Oak Camp


Oak Camp

Experience thrilling adventures at Oak Camp, where we blend classic outdoor activities with urban forest and waterway exploration. From exciting whitewater rafting to team-based high ropes challenges, there’s something for every adventurous kid. Our tree climbing camps feature arborist-style climbing and high ropes, always with safety in mind. Kids are harnessed and belayed by instructors during climbs, with a “challenge by choice” approach. Activities include tree canopy climbs, limbwalks, giant swings, swimming, and whitewater rafting on the James —always with life jackets in the river. Ground-level fun includes creative games, knot tying, tree identification, and more. Our goal is for your kids to come away with practical adventuring skills and a deeper appreciation for the outdoors. It’s a thrilling and safe week of summer outdoor excitement!

These activities can be relatively strenuous and require a moderate level of physical fitness. Our staff to participant ratio is 1:4 and all staff must be at least 18 years old, go through at least a week of training, and are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Although we love to see graduating Saplings in Oak, previous experience is not required.

We have three Oak camps –  White Oak, Red Oak, and Post Oak. The three groups will be separate for the majority of the camp day, so if you have campers that would like to be together, be sure to sign them up for the same group. The programming and activities are identical, just with a different set of campers and counselors. 

**Post Oak is now open to 8 yr olds too!

Camp runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., with a flexible pickup window between 3:30 and 4:00. Camp is held in Forest Hill Park and the James River Park System.


Quick Facts


9-12 *Post Oak is now open to 8 yr olds too!*

Camp Times

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Cost & Session Schedule

2024 Sessions - Monday through Friday.

Post Oak

*Due to popular request, Post Oak is now open to 8 yr olds!*

For real-time capacities, please click “Register Now” to enter the enrollment portal.

June 3-7

June 10-14  

June 17-21 

June 24-28 

July 1-5    *We run camp as normal on July 4th!

July 8-12

July 15-19 *waitlist only

July 22-26  *only 3 spots left!

July 29-Aug 2 *waitlist only

Aug 5-9   *only 1 spot left!

Red Oak

For real-time capacities, please click “Register Now” to enter the enrollment portal.

June 3-7  

June 10-14  

June 17-21

June 24-28

July 1-5    *We run camp as normal on July 4th!

July 8-12  *waitlist only

July 15-19  *waitlist only

July 22-26 *waitlist only

July 29-Aug 2  *waitlist only

Aug 5-9 *waitlist only

White Oak

For real-time capacities, please click “Register Now” to enter the enrollment portal.

June 3-7   

June 10-14  

June 17-21   

June 24-28

July 8-12   waitlist only

July 15-19 *only 1 spot left!

July 22-26  waitlist only

July 29-Aug 2 *only 1 spot left!

Aug 5-9  *only 2 spots left!


A sliding scale is a tool to help increase access to experiences like summer camp, while acknowledging differences in financial resources. We ask for your active participation in deciding your contribution. We do not require proof of income but ask that you take a moment to thoughtfully reflect and choose the option that best represents your situation.

  1. Pay what you can. ($495) – The community is supporting you to cover the full cost of camp
  2. Pay your way. ($580)  – This covers the actual cost of running camp
  3. Pay it forward. ($665)  – You are supporting those for whom the full cost of camp would be a significant hardship 

We want to give a huge thank you to those who were able to opt for our highest sliding scale tier last year; you helped 38 kids attend camp at a lower rate in 2023!

If you do not wish to pay in full upon registration, we offer 2 payment plans:

  • Half-pay / Due on June 1st: Pay half of your balance upon enrollment and half on June 1.
  • Monthly: Pay half of your balance upon enrollment and the remaining balance will be divided across monthly payments until June 1st.
Our Scholarship Program:

Donations: There is an option to donate to the scholarship fund during the registration process. All scholarship funds go directly towards camp spots for scholarship recipients. In 2023, the money raised through these donations funded 8 additional completely free camp spots! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Recipients: If none of the sliding scale choices are affordable to you, please email us at riversidecamps@gmail.com to ask about our scholarship program. In order to offer assistance without increasing barriers, we do not require proof of income, but ask that you only request scholarship funds if you’re not able to attend otherwise.


Oak Camp Faq's

  • My child is on the waitlist. How likely are they to get into that camp session?
    • I would not count on it. While it does happen from time to time, it is generally unlikely. Please refer to our cancellation and waitlist policy at the bottom of the page.
  • Will my child be in the same group as his or her friends?
    • If they are signed up for the same camp (Old Growth, Birch Sapling, Red Oak, etc) and the same week they will be in the same group.
  • What is the difference between Red Oak, White Oak, and Post Oak camps?
    • Red Oak, White Oak, and Post Oak camps are separate groups of kids with a different set of counselors, but will have the same programming in regards to adventure activities. They are equally awesome!
    • The same is true for Maple Sapling and Birch Sapling.
  • Do you perform background checks on your staff?
    • Yes. We perform annual checks on all of our camp staff through a third party which covers local, state, federal and sex offender registries.
  • My child is turning _______ years old on ________. Can you make an age exception?
    • We almost never make exceptions in regards to our age groups. We have built into our camp structure a one year overlap in camps (i.e. a 9 year old could attend Sapling or Oak, and a 12 year old could attend Oak, River Shredders, or Old Growth).
  • I am trying to enroll my child in a camp but I’m not seeing the enrollment options for their age group.
    • It’s most likely that the camper’s age was incorrectly listed upon enrollment. Please email us at riversidecamps@gmail.com if you run into this problem.
  • Do you offer extended day programming?
    • We have built into our schedule a flexible pick-up time between 3:30PM and 4:00PM.
  • I’ve forgotten my password and when I try to reset it through the website I am not receiving any emails.
    • Most likely, the email you used to initially register your account is no longer current. Your email address is like a user name in our system so if that changes we need to be notified to change that on our end. If you can think of what email you initially received our confirmations from, that is the account to sign in on and book for the summer.
  • Do you have a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program?
    • Yes! 16-17 year olds are welcome to apply as CITs. Apply here. Our CITs volunteer at our Sapling, Oak, and Earth Heroes camps for 2 weeks during the summer (preferably consecutive, Mon-Fri). They function as counselors and role models for the kids, are directly mentored by our experienced staff, and learn both technical and transferable skills in the education and outdoor recreation fields. If all goes well, they receive stellar references from us and are invited to apply to work with us as counselors once they turn 18.
**Cancellation/Refund Policy: All payments are non-refundable. Exceptions made at the discretion of our staff. If we are able to fill your camper’s spot through the waitlist, we will refund you all but a $35 per instance processing fee. See our waitlist policy below.**
**Wait List Policy: If we are filling spaces in a camp more than 1 month out from the start of that camp week, we will call one family at a time from the wait list on a first-to-sign-up basis and give them 48 hrs to accept the spot. After 48 hrs we will call the next family on the list.  If we are calling within a month of a camp session, we will call everyone on the wait list concurrently and follow a first-to-respond policy.**

All Camp Adventures

Sapling Camp

Sapling activities include arborist-style tree climbing, high ropes activities, giant tree swings, creative games, river exploration and even a rafting trip!

Age: 6-9
Price: $495-$665
Oak Camp

Oak activities include arborist-style tree climbing, high-ropes activities, giant tree swings, creative games, river exploration and whitewater rafting!

Age: 9-12 *Post Oak is now open to 8 yr olds too!*
Price: $495-$665
Earth Heroes Camp

Earth Heroes camp activities include exploring Richmond's awesome forests and river, wildly fun hands-on science activities, nature-themed art and games, and natural outdoor fun!

Age: 6-9
Price: $495-$665
Old Growth Camp

Rappelling, rafting, and unique tree climbing elements are just some of the experiences you can expect from this camp!

Age: 12-16
Price: $495-$665
River Shredders Camp

River Shredders campers will have a one-of-a-kind experience learning to paddle a variety of different crafts on the James River, as well as learning about river ecology, hydrology, and river safety.

Age: 12-16
Price: $495-$665