Pipeline Express Ducky Trip


Pipeline Express Ducky

Juicy rapids and only juicy rapids!! Paddle Class II-III whitewater in your own single-person raft (a.k.a. Ducky)!

This is a GREAT option for those of you looking to run some of Richmond's best whitewater-- condensed into an 1-1.5 hr. thrill!! After some instruction and practice, you and your guide will paddle your duckies through two of the best Class II-III whitewater sections in Richmond. Although no previous whitewater paddling experience is required, this is a more thrilling trip requiring more exertion and solid physical health. You should have some paddling experience (canoe, kayak, paddleboard) and be comfortable swimming in rapids. While duckies are super stable, non-technical boats, seeing as you'll be paddling the ducky yourself through decent sized whitewater, the chance of you tipping out and going for a swim are higher than if you were in a large commercial raft. Of course our guides will be there to get you prepared and help you every step of the way to have a fantastic experience on the water. You'll finish the trip, after about an hour, right at our shop where you parked-- then it's time to chill with a beverage and "debrief" the adventure with your guides.

* Each member of your party must be at least 14 years old, at least 4'6" tall, and at least 90 lbs. In the event we question whether a customer meets these requirements, we may not be able to accommodate them on the trip.

* This trip is offered when the river level at the Westham Gauge - https://www.riversideoutfitters.com/current-conditions/ - is lower than 5.6 feet

Quick Facts


Tredegar Pool to 14th St.


Approx. 1.5 hour total duration

River Rating

Class II-III rapids

Skill Level



Age 14+ (Subject to change based on river conditions)



Photos + Video


“Fantastic experience. This was my first time in a ducky and I am officially hooked. These rapids are a white water gem in the heart of Richmond and this company provides a premier experience for rafting those rapids.”

“The best Richmond experience I’ve ever had and I’ve lived in Richmond for 4 years. Our guides, Scott and Eric, were knowledgeable, safe and fun. Would highly recommend the trip…”

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